Executive Wellbeing

Achieving Peak Performance

The pressure for senior executives to maintain their physical and emotional energy and perform at the top level is tough. This is taking its toll on their health and wellbeing yet often they do not actively looking for help until it is too late.

Searching out help or talking to someone at work is often impossible for them.

So these individual coaching sessions can be introduced as a benefit for the executives in terms of driving them to peak performance.

The sessions will explore their specific individual challenges and help create and implement a plan to develop gradual and sustainable change for optimum wellbeing.

Topics Included

Mindful Leadership

Managing Stress

Building Resilience

Sustaining Performance

Emotional Intelligence

Exploring Creativity

Work/Life Engagement


Improving Relationships

General Health

Mindful Leadership

Managing Stress​

Building Resilience​

Sustaining Performance​

Emotional Intelligence​

Exploring Creativity​

Work/Life Engagement​


Improving Relationships

General Health​

Format:  6 month programme of monthly 1 hour one to one confidential sessions by skype.

Fee: to be agreed