Employee Wellbeing Workshops

Bitesize Online Sessions

Raising awareness is a good place to start and with my one hour bitesize workshops and webinars, your staff will have the opportunity to take a break out of their busy day to experience, learn and share practical tools that can be implemented straight away.

These can be run as one off sessions or as part of a wellbeing programme that I would be happy to talk to your more about.

The session can be run either as:
–  a small group zoom (or in person) session (maximum of 10) with cameras and microphones for maximum engagement or alternatively as:

– a webinar style format on zoom for larger organisations and this will include the use of polls, chat and QandA functions.

Introduction to Mindfulness

This workshop is intended as a practical introduction to getting started with mindfulness. Participants will leave the workshop with a thorough overview of what mindfulness is, practical experiences of mindfulness and and simple mindfulness techniques to integrate at work and daily life.

Protecting out Mental Wellbeing


This workshop will look at the impact of stress, what it is and how we acknowledge it. We will look at some very effective habit changes that can really help alleviate its negative impact on our health and wellbeing.

Creating a better work and life balance

In this workshop we will take some time to look at how we are spreading our energy and time across our work and life and look at the patterns and habits that are emerging which either help or damage our wellbeing.

There will be opportunity to share ways to stay motivated, manage our energy and start to prioritize what needs to change to feel better and live with more balance.

How to Improve your Sleep

Learn about the importance of sleep for our health and wellbeing, with practical tips on how to improve sleep and energy to perform at our best

Self Care for Improved Wellbeing

This workshop is an introduction to the Wellness for Success Self Care model which is the foundation for good health and happiness. Participants will assess themselves against the 8 criteria and take away an action plan for themselves to start to build new habits. 

Embracing Uncertainty

We all have experiencing times where not knowing about the future can result in our list of “What ifs” making us feel unmotivated, lower our mood and more anxious. This workshop will guide you through a simple and effective process to increase your confidence and explore ways to let go of overthinking.

For for further information on prices for online or in person please get in touch.