About Me

My journey to becoming an executive coach and mindfulness trainer came about through my 30 year career in the public sector. As I moved into senior leadership I was fortunate to attend a women in leadership conference where I was filled with inspiration to make a difference to peoples lives. And so the seed was sown to find my purpose.

It was much later on at another personal training event that out of nowhere, a deep emotional response was triggered. I started to question whether my current role was fulfilling enough for me. A little voice inside me was telling me that there was more to life.

But my logical head took over! I went back to my busy life, juggling a new role and trying to be the driven successful career woman that I thought was me.  Unfortunately I found out the hard way that ignoring your little voice of wisdom and neglecting your own selfcare is a path to stress and burnout. So with the help of a transformational coach, I learned to let go of some limiting beliefs and became much more aware of my strengths and values.

I then took a massive decision to leave my fulltime job and train as an executive coach and a mindfulness teacher.

My passion for knowledge about why our minds work overtime to try and stop us doing what we want to do and how our brain can be retrained, lead me to become a mindfulness practitioner.

So my purpose in life and coaching style is finding a way to help people find their own formula for success and happiness and in control of the life they want.

Everyone has times in their lives when things get out of balance and my advice is do something about it when your instinct first starts telling you no matter how small a step.

That step might be a phone call with me. I would love to start you on your journey.

My number is 07753612427 or email me at evelyn@wellnessforsuccess.com

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