Easy steps to avoid burnout

The unhealthy habits and thought patterns you may have developed which can lead to the risk of burnout will take time to change like any habits.

My simple suggestions to get you thinking about the small step changes you can make are:

  1. Find someone who you can confide in about how you are feeling. Someone who’ll listen attentively without being distracted or judging you. Just talking has the power to lose some of the hold your inner critic may have over you.
  2. If you enjoy exercising but have got out of the routine, then remind yourself how good it felt when you did it. Even doing a few star jumps in the kitchen or dancing around to your favourite dance track will do for a start.
  3. Get outside in nature. Take a walk and notice all the beauty that is there that you have not noticed before. Even if it is just outside your house or office. You will be amazed at what you have missed by being stuck in “automatic pilot”
  4. Put ten minutes aside every day for “relaxation me time” with no distractions. It might be difficult to do this in the morning if you are already struggling to get up, so do it before you go to bed or when you get home. Yoga and meditation are great ways to build the habit of relaxation which is a powerful antidote to stress.
  5. Try a digital detox. Start with a mobile free zone in the home at certain times such as meal times. Use evening meal times to share what good things have happened that day. Turn off email push notifications and turn off mobile devices at least 90 minutes before you go to bed.
  6. Practice gratitude. Appreciate what is good in your life and notice even the little things such as someone holding the door open for you or smiling. It is a great way to help rewire your brain from negative thinking.
  7. Look at your diet, make time to plan and eat meals, cooking from scratch and avoid processed foods. It doesn’t have to take long. There are lots of quick recipes out there. I got restarted in enjoying cooking again by ordering Gusto where all the ingredients come ready to chop up and with really easy recipes.
  8. Set reminders on your phone to take breaks at work and go outside at lunchtime for a walk.
  9. Take time out to think about whether the career is fulfilling enough for you. If you are really unhappy then ask yourself what you really want to do and see if there is a way to transition to a new career path.
  10. And finally be kind to yourself! If you don’t look after yourself then you are not going to be strong enough to look after others.

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Evelyn Kaluza | Wellbeing Coach