Staff Bitesize Sessions


Raising awareness is a good place to start and with my one hour bitesize workshops, your staff will have the opportunity to take a break out of their busy day to experience, learn and share practical tools that can be implemented straight away.

These can be run as one off sessions or as part of a wellbeing programme that I would be happy to talk to your more about.

I advise a maximum of 20 in any one workshop to get the maximum benefits. If you have more staff then I can run two or more workshops on the same day which will also work out more economical.

FEE: £250 per session (or book 3 in one day for £600)

Introduction to Mindfulness

Learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation and its relevance in today’s modern workplace

Stress Less More Success

Take away a better understanding of stress, how it can be harnessed for good and how we can help ourselves prevent stress becoming chronic and become more resilient.

Life Balance

Explore what it means to have balance across all areas of our life and how to become aware of habits that are driving us towards more stress rather than more balance.

Introduction to Mental Health

Take away a better understand what mental health is, how to support each other at work and factors can promote good mental health, recovery and overall wellbeing

Mastering our Emotions

Learn about the biology of emotions, emotional intelligence and how to change our emotional state and be more self aware.

Managing Time & Tech

Learn ways to manage technology overload, ways to be more mindful around the use of emails and social media, and how to boost our energy to get more done

Sleep and Energy Management

Learn about the importance of sleep for our health and wellbeing, with practical tips on how to improve sleep and energy to perform at our best

Living with Menopause

Learn all about the menopause, including the severe impact it has on some women at work and how mindfulness and CBT can help individuals who are struggling at work.

Gratitude and the little things

Participants will learn the power of appreciation and gratitude for increasing a positive outlook on life, overcome negative thinking as well as improving relationships at work. 

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